Detailing Options



(Exterior Detail)
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Hand waxed
  • Wheels and tires
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Windows cleaned
  • Meguiars wax used

Starting at $125


(Interior Detail)
  • Vacuum and shampoo
  • Leather clean and condition
  • Clean dash and plastics
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Door jams and seals
  • Lexol leather
    conditioners used or vinyl conditioner
  • Odor removal
  • Starting at $225


(Interior & Exterior Detail)
  • Combination of Gold
    and Silver Packages
  • + Plus engine bay steam cleaning and detail
  • Starting at $299

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Mobile Detailing

Denver's mobile auto detailing, Platinum Detailing offers the highest knowledge and experience in the car, truck, SUV, boat, RV, airplane and motorcycle industry. We come to your location making it easy on your busy lifestyle.

*Weather and location conditions apply

Additional Services

Paint correction, wetsanding, buffing, polishing starting at $250
Quick wash and dry starting at $45
Shampoo and spot removal starting at $75
Paint sealant protective treatments starting at $150 with combination of Silver Package
Hyrdopobic glass treatments $30
Pet hair removal starting at $50
Headlight restoration starting at $99
Engine clean and detail starting at $75

*Prices may vary based on size and condition of vehicle


We design and install vinyl wraps and graphics for business fleets, race cars, or custom applications.
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